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Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching

For all leaders formal and informal. Upgrade your mind skills via meditation for better leadership.

  • 45 min
  • 125 US dollars
  • Remote via Zoom

Service Description

45-60 minute sessions include check-in, key concepts, meditation practice with debrief and feedback for refinement, practice suggestions for daily and work life. Also included are guided meditations (mp3s) and associated journal templates that focus on specific skill building instructions and progress markers that you can track. Food for thopught: Our mind skills impact everything - how and what we perceive, understand, feel, think, learn, behave, and more. Improve them and the ripple effects are immense, for both yourself and others. Develop them via meditation, and your leadrship will change, for the better. Wisdom and compassion will more and more balance each other. Mind capabilies you didnt know you had will begin to manifest.

Contact Details

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