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REVOLUTION by Lynn Ungar 10/5/2018

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

You say you want a revolution, and who could argue with that? Bad is avalanching into worse and we are all in its path. But don’t buy a gun. The people you would be fighting already have bigger guns, and more will to shoot them.

Don’t bother arming yourself. Instead, disarm. Disarm yourself of assumptions, and of your brittle belief that you know how things should be. Disarm yourself of expectation. You will be wrong.

Disarm yourself of the need for comfort. Go lightly into places where you are a stranger. Disarm yourself of loyalty to what is normal, but false. Pledge allegiance to the tree outside your window, to your neighbor’s children, to the speed of light.

Fill your arms with fruit, with flowers, with a dog or a cat or a lover or a mug of hot tea. Fill your body with singing or dancing or the scent of bay trees in the rain. Empty your world of all that fails to serve the revolution, that fails the test of the seventh generation.

Commit to the revolution and I promise we will win. Not, of course, that everything will be fine. It never is. Revolution isn’t the same as victory. Revolution is the turning of a wheel whose essence is change.

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