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Leadership Development powered by Mindfulness

Today’s business world demands learning and adaptation. In nearly any field, the rate of change is not only accelerating, the curve bends impossibly uphill. Solutions morph into new shapes before they’re even implemented. Systems grow increasingly complex and unpredictable.

When faced with today’s challenges, wise leaders cut through the noise and partner with skilled guides to identify and expand innate leadership capacities. They find ways to leverage the workplace as a continuous development lab for themselves and others. They remember that the greatest resources are humans who show up to work together every day.

As a leadership coach and consultant, Stephen partners with executives to help them address a wide variety of challenges. His focus on building trusted relationships gives clients a safe space to explore who they are as leaders and to acknowledge blind spots and unproductive habits. His particular sweet spot is working in a technical environment helping scientists and engineers at all levels.

Mindfulness to Deepen and Accelerate Learning

Stephen enhances traditional coaching methods with simple mindfulness techniques for working with intention, attention, and emotions in the service of becoming wiser and more compassionate leaders. Think of mindfulness as a way to defrag your hard drive and upgrade the operating system. Mindfulness helps us see our unexamined habits of mind that get in the way and build new more productive ones. Mindfulness directly benefit leaders and organizations in areas that matter. That’s why companies like Google, Aetna, and Target are incorporating mindfulness into their culture.


After many years as a space-systems engineer at the Aerospace Corp., a $1 billion think tank, Stephen got curious about people development. Earning his first MA in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University, he founded Aerospace’s first Organizational Effectiveness group, which he led for 10+ years. He also completed his second MA and a PhD, both in Human and Organizational Systems, from Fielding University, and co-authored the book, Making Space: Strategic Leadership in a Complex World with Aerospace CEO, Dr. Wanda Austin.

Value-add Expertise

  • As a trusted partner, here are some of the areas in which Stephen can add value to an organization.

  • Hi-potential development

  • Management & leadership skills

  • New role transition

  • Lead change & shape culture

  • Learning how to continuously learn

  • See the bigger picture

  • Self-awareness & regulation

  • Build emotional intelligence

  • Resilience

  • Re-direct derailing behaviors


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