Leadership powered by Mindfulness (Level 1) -- Online 5-Week Course

Level 1 Introductory Program


Leadership powered by Mindfulness (LpM) is a 5-week online leadership development course providing an introduction to the concepts, practices, and tools of leadership and mindfulness, so leaders can improve the way they practice leadership via the application of mindfulness practices.  



Leadership theories are explored along with influence, power, styles, and ways of setting clear direction, building aligned execution, and creating strong commitment. Leadership is defined in a way that participants can use in the daily life.


Mindfulness practices are introduced along with the latest neuroscience findings showing how mindfulness cultivates and improves qualities leaders and organizations care about, like decision making, adaptability and change, innovation and creativity, and much more. 



Participants learn more about themselves through three self-assessments:


Using what they learn from the assessments, participants will have the opportunity to explore the way they engage in leadership and how that reflects the aspects of themselves that showed up in the assessments.  


Session Structure:

Each weekly online session runs for about

80 minutes and includes new information and concepts, demonstrations, and an opportunity to try out various mindfulness practices. 

After each session, exercises are provided so participants can explore and apply what they learned. 

Sessions 2-5 begin with a debrief of what participants discovered during the week from working with the exercises.  



Follow-on Practice with Level-2

Skill building begins in level 1 and continues, deepens, and is locked into a new habit in the online Level 2 course (offered summer 2020)


Leaders of all sorts: Executives, managers, team leaders, hi-potentials, thought leaders, and anyone who want to lead with more skill. 


PRE- COURSE:  Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Assessment (instructor will send link)
Session 1:
Overview and Self-Assessments
  • Program Overview

  • Thoughts on Maximizing Your Learning

  • Self-Assessments

  • PRE-CLASS - Personality preferences (Myers-Briggs - MBTI)

  • IN CLASS – Values Survey

  • Mindfulness of Breathing (1a)

  • Session 1 Assignment

Session 2:
  • What Mindfulness Is and Is Not

  • Mindfulness Benefits that Leaders and Organizations Care About

  • Practices / Techniques 

    • Formal Practices

      • Mindfulness of the Breath (1b) and the Body Scan

    • Informal Techniques / Tools for the Three Impediments

      • The Primary Informal Technique (CPOC)

      • Three Deep Breaths

  • Session 2 Assignment

 Session 3:
  • A Brief Tour of Leadership Theories

  • Defining Leadership

  • Challenges to leaders in our modern world

  • Session 3 Assignment

Session 4:
Compassion and Leadership
  • The role of compassion in leadership

  • Research findings relate to compassion and leadership

  • Examples of compassion at work

  • What you can do to train in compassion

  • Formal Practice: Compassion 

  • Session 4 Assignment

Session 5:
Leadership powered by Mindfulness
  • Putting it All Together

  • What’s Getting in the Way?

  • How to Make Your Learning Stick

  • How to Build Your New Meditation Habit

  • Capturing Your Learning

  • Level 1 Program Feedback

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