Six weekly 90 minute sessions via zoom
Contact Dr.Steve at stephen@upgradingleaders.com if your organization is interested in offering meditation and mindfulness practices to build new critical skills for your employees and leaders. 




Leadership powered by Mindfulness (LpM) is a series of online development courses. LpM Level 1 includes six weekly sessions, each is 80 minutes.



Executives, managers, hi-potentials, team and project leaders, influential technical experts, and business professionals. 


  • Learn new foundational skills that leaders need to engage the complex and adaptive leadership challenges of a 21st-century environment, and

  • Refine the inner game (mental and emotional) that drives the outer game of performance and results needed in today's complex world,

  • because research confirms that mindfulness practices can improve important aspects of leadership.  


  • A solid understanding of leadership, its aims, and how you engage in it

  • A 21st-Century framework that focuses your thinking and actions  

  • Increased self-awareness of how your mind can help or hinder leadership

  • Expanded awareness and use of influence leading to better outcomes

  • Increased focus, less vulnerability to distractions, more effective attention

  • Less reactivity and mind wandering, leading to stronger performance and focus

  • Increased ability to manage stress and anxiety 

  • Increased emotional intelligence

  • More authentic and deeper relationships

  • Improved resilience


  • Six weekly 90 minute sessions via ZOOM. Contact Dr. Steve for scheduling options.

COURSE FEE:  Based on group size. Contact Dr. Steve for more information. 

LpM Level 1 Modules

Session 1: Overview  
  • Modern-day Challenges Leaders Face

  • Why Leaders Need Mindfulness Practices

  • First Mindfulness Practice

Session 2: Mindfulness Practices
  • What Mindfulness Is and Is Not

  • Research Findings on Mindfulness That Matter  

  • Mindfulness Practices  

 Session 3:  Leadership Defined (1)
  • A Brief Tour of Leadership Theories

  • A 21st Century Definition of Leadership (Part 1) 

  • Influence Tactics and How You Tend to Use Them

Session 4: Leadership Defined (2) 
  • Defining Leadership (Part 2)

  • Modern-Day Challenges to Leaders

  • The VUCA Factors

Session 5: Compassion and Leadership
  • The Role of Compassion in Leadership

  • Research Findings: Compassion and Leadership

  • Examples of Compassion at Work

  • What You Can do to Train in Compassion

  • Formal Practice: Compassion

Session 6: Integration and Follow-up
  • Putting it All Together

  • What’s Getting in the Way?

  • How to Make Your Learning Stick

  • How to Build Your New Meditation Habit

  • Capturing Your Learning

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