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Six Fridays, 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Feb 12 - Mar 19, 2021



Leadership powered by Mindfulness (LpM) is a series of online development courses that focus on developing Mindfulness practices and integrating them into Leadership practices. LpM Level 1 includes six weekly sessions, each 90 minutes



Executives, managers, hi-potentials, team and project leaders, influential technical experts, and business professionals. 


  • Learn new foundational skills that leaders need to engage the complex and adaptive leadership challenges of a 21st-century environment, and

  • Refine the inner game (mental and emotional) that drives the outer game of performance and results

  • because research confirms that mindfulness practices can improve several aspects of leadership and are a practical way to upgrade the mind, opening new capabilities that matter to leaders and their organizations.


  • A solid understanding of leadership, its aims, and how you engage in it

  • A 21st Century framework to focus your thinking and actions on what really matters

  • Increased self-awareness of how your mind can help or hinder your leadership

  • Expanded understanding and skill use of influence that leads to positive outcomes

  • Increased focus, less vulnerability to distractions, more effective attention management

  • Less autopilot behavior and mind wandering, leading to stronger performance and focus

  • Increased ability to manage stress and anxiety 

  • Increased emotional intelligence

  • More authentic and deeper relationships

  • Improved resilience


  • Six Fridays, February 12 through March 19, 2021 - 8:00 am to 9:30 am PST, via ZOOM

COURSE FEE:  $199*, plus $15 to order the book we will be using from the Center for Creative                     Leadership

         *  For Pilot in February 2021 ONLY, the course fee is WAIVED, but there is a $15 cost to buy               the Influence book from the Center for Creative Leadership.



Central topics include ...   

  • Relevant leadership theories, including a ​21st-century definition of leadership that can be used as a daily diagnostic and focusing lens            


  • Why today's organizational environment is so challenging for leaders and what to do about it                                                    

  • Three leadership assessments: 1) Influence Tactics and how you tend to engage in them, and 2) Task v. Relationships balance.   


  • Apply and experiment with the above concepts in your day-to-day world, get feedback on the outcomes you generated, and fine-tune them to what works best for you.


​Central topics include ...                                                                                                                       ​

  • Mindfulness Practices: Learn basic mindfulness skills and how to apply them during your day in ways that improve the way you engage in leadership. Learn to increase your ability to focus and concentrate, to catch yourself in autopilot and reactivity before it runs away from you, to see and understand your emotions and regulate them, how your mind works in ways that help and hinder you, and what to do about it. Learn how compassion can strengthen trust and leadership outcomes. 

  • Neuroscience Findings showing how mindfulness cultivates and improves important qualities leaders and organizations care about, like decision making, adaptability and change, innovation and creativity, and more.                                                                         

  • See what you couldn't see before that matters when it comes to how you engage in leadership and use that to your advantage.                                                                             

  • Learn how mindfulness practices can be integrated into your daily leadership practices for better outcomes.  


LpM Modules

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Session 1:
Overview and Self-Assessments
  • Program Overview

  • Thoughts on Maximizing Your Learning

  • Self-Assessment: Values Work

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Post-Session 1 Exercises and Practices 

Session 2:
Mindfulness Practices
  • Homework Sharing and Feedback

  • What Mindfulness Is and Is Not

  • Research Findings on Mindfulness That Matter to Leaders

  • Mindfulness Practices  

    • Formal: Concentration and Body Scan 

    • Informal: Seeing your Autopilot, Mind Wandering, and Reactivity in Action​

  • Post-Session 2 Exercises and Practices

 Session 3:
Leadership Defined (1)
  • Homework Sharing and Feedback

  • A Brief Tour of Leadership Theories

  • Defining Leadership for Today's World

  • Influence Tactics and How You Tend to Use them

  • Post-Session 3 Exercises and Practices

Session 4:
Leadership Defined (2) 
  • Homework Sharing and Feedback

  • Defining Leadership: The three DAC Elements

  • Modern-Day Challenges to leaders

  • The VUCA Factors

  • Defining Mindfulness 

  • Post-Session 4 Exercises and Practices

Session 5:
Compassion and Leadership
  • Homework Sharing and Feedback

  • The Role of Compassion in Leadership

  • Research Findings Related to Compassion and Leadership

  • Examples of Compassion at Work

  • What You Can do to Train in Compassion

  • Formal Practice: Compassion 

  • Post-Session 5 Exercises and Practices

Session 6:
Integration and Follow-up
  • Homework Sharing and Feedback

  • Putting it All Together

  • What’s Getting in the Way?

  • How to Make Your Learning Stick

  • How to Build Your New Meditation Habit

  • Capturing Your Learning

  • Level 1 LpM Course Feedback

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