LEADERSHIP powered by MINDFULNESS (LpM) Online 5-Session Course

LpM Level 1 Program 
Five Fridays
Next Offering: Feb, 2021


LEADERSHIP powered by MINDFULNESS (LpM) Level 1 is a 5-Session online leadership development course providing concepts, practices, and tools of both leadership and mindfulness so leaders can improve the way they engage in leadership. 



Central topics include ...   

  • Key leadership theories 

  • A 21st-century definition of leadership that you can use daily as a diagnostic and focusing lens for engaging three key leadership outcomes: setting and clarifying direction, building aligned execution, and creating strong commitment.                                               

  • The difficult challenges leaders must face - challenges brought on by a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous 21st-century environment                                                                                           

  • Influence tactics and how you tend to engage in them. Learn how your personality type and values tend to engage in them. Learn the four types of influence tactics that generate the best results.                                   

  • Apply and experiment with the above concepts in your day-to-day world, get feedback on the outcomes you generated, and fine-tune them to what works best for you


​Central topics include ...                                                                                                                       ​

  • Mindfulness practices  (Concentration and compassion - formal and informal) that calm the mind and body, that lead to new ways of seeing and understanding how your mind works, and open the heart                                                                                         

  • Neuroscience findings showing how mindfulness cultivates and improves important qualities leaders and organizations care about, like decision making, adaptability and change, innovation and creativity, and much more.                                                                         

  • See "things" you couldn't see before, things that matter when it comes to how you engage in leadership.                                                                              

  • Linkages to leadership are identified and explored  



Tools to learn more about yourself and how you tend to engage in leadership


Session Structure:

Each weekly online session runs for about

90  minutes, including new information and concepts, demonstrations, and an opportunity to try out various mindfulness practices. 

At the end of each session, exercises are provided so participants can explore and apply what they learned during the week.

Sessions 2-5 begin with a short debrief of the assigned exercises and what participants discovered. Dr. Steve offers feedback and context. 


Leaders of all sorts, especially young leadersmid- and line-level managers, informal leaders, and technical experts who want to improve their leadership skills so they can better address the leadership challenges of a complex 21st-century business environment.


Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Assessment & Values Sort
Session 1:
Overview and Self-Assessments
  • Program Overview

  • Thoughts on Maximizing Your Learning

  • Self-Assessments: Personality preferences (Myers-Briggs - MBTI) & Values Work

  • Mindfulness of Breathing 1

  • Post-Session 1 Assignment

Session 2:
  • What Mindfulness Is and Is Not

  • Research Findings on Mindfulness  

  • Practices / Techniques 

    • Formal Practices

      • Mindfulness of the breath, the body scan, and compassion meditations

    • Informal Techniques / Tools during your day​

      • Seeing your autopilot in action

      • Mind-wandering and reactivity in action

  • Post-Session 2 Assignment

 Session 3:
  • A Brief Tour of Leadership Theories

  • Defining 21st-Century Leadership

  • Influence Tactics

  • Challenges to leaders in our modern world

  • Post-Session 3 Assignment

Session 4:
Compassion and Leadership
  • The role of compassion in leadership

  • Research findings related to compassion and leadership

  • Examples of compassion at work

  • What you can do to train in compassion

  • Formal Practice: Compassion 

  • Post-Session 4 Assignment

Session 5:
Integration and Follow-up
  • Putting it All Together

  • What’s Getting in the Way?

  • How to Make Your Learning Stick

  • How to Build Your New Meditation Habit

  • Capturing Your Learning

  • Level 1 Program Feedback

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