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Introduction to the LpM Course

Introduction to the LpM Course

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Leaders and individuals with minds and hearts capable of meeting the challenges of a complex 21st-century world. Making the world a better place for all of us.  

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Teach leaders and individual contributors meditation and mindfulness practices and how to integrate them into a 21st-Century leadership framework. The end result -- minds better attuned to a complex and rapidly changing world.

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Leadership powered by Mindfulness 
Self-Paced Course: Level 1  

A 5-Section leader development self-paced course providing leaders and individuals with 2.5 hours of videos and dozens of downloadable resources. LpM provides essential new mind skills and leadership skills better attuned to today's volatile, complex, and constantly changing world.  

    - Better mind skills.

    - Better leaders.

    - Better world!

(From the in-person classes) 

This course is extremely useful for leaders, those aspiring to leadership, and those of us who help to develop leaders.  Further, it is just as useful in our home lives as it is at work. It updated my understanding of leadership to a model that is appropriate for the 21st century and provided highly usable tools for those of us trying to be effective in today's complex world. Even though I've been meditating for many years, taught leadership at the University level, and have coached executives for decades, I found in it much that is new and valuable.  I am happy to recommend it without reservations.  

Brenda Broz Eddy, Executive Coach, and Owner of Eddy Associates,    a leadership development consulting firm.

 This class has provided me with tools to be more in touch with what I am thinking and how I am reacting. I have a very busy mind and while it has served me well, I have learned that being able to rest and be present is also a much-needed skill and one that actually has to be learned. I found it beneficial both personally and professionally.

Barbara, Vice President/Adjunct Faculty Business Administration

Yes, I would absolutely recommend this course! The leadership aspects of the course helped me realize the type of leader I am and the type of leader I want to be. It also helped me to better understand my colleagues and other leaders in terms of what we are trying to accomplish together as a team. The mindfulness lessons and tools, like CPOC, were straightforward and useful in my day-to-day work. They allow me to catch myself in reactive situations or when my mind is wandering, so that I can be more present and in the moment.

Matt, Internal Communications Manager

This course was the perfect introduction to mindfulness practices. The skills build on each other each week and were easy to follow. As a newcomer to mindfulness, I felt like I had plenty to consider and explore each week but not so much that it was overwhelming. It was so beneficial to be able to learn about myself, my leadership, and how to unlock and increase my brain capacity.

Morgan, Program Coordinator, Leadership Inspirations

Leadership Powered by Mindfulness changed my life, immediately! By combining neuroscience findings with mindfulness and meditation practices,  Steve and his team have prepared a course on how to become a superhero. Not only has my internal life changed for the better, but with these newly acquired powers, I was able to shift paradigms within my external life with others, for the better! This course is like creating a new healthy vegan dish with ingredients that you’ve had in your kitchen, the whole time.  Cheers to the synergy that this course represents. I am excited to see the fruits

of its seeds!

Jason P.

It has really been awesome! I'm getting a degree in Library Science, and my brain loves making connections and linking everything that I am learning. This has been awesome for my classes and me.  I feel like I can't stop talking about mindfulness, and compassion, and leadership, and I've been connecting them to everything I've been writing, especially my blog posts for my online classes. And on a personal level, I've been doing meditation for some time, but this is the first time I've had space to really explore what it is for me. … and it has really changed my experience with doing meditation. It is really worth trying to focus on doing because I didn't even realize how much extra tension I have been holding onto.

Helen, Librarian

It was a great experience and I appreciate being able to participate.  One of the things that was really powerful for me was the integration of the leadership model, which is one of the things I was looking for. When you put that leadership definition up and show the connection of it with these tools, it really brought it together in a way I was hungry for. Thank you for that. The way you simplified leadership without losing any of the complexity and interesting descriptions of the leadership process was pretty amazing to me. I really liked that a lot. The breakout groups were really helpful because I would learn more about what some aspects of meditation were about. Being able to grab on to some of the tools you have given us and the guided meditations you provided us were super. I’d like to have even more of those! So, thank you. Great work!

Louise, PhD, Executive Coach



Upgrading Leaders founder, Stephen Presley, Ph.D., offers an uncommon approach to leader development. A foundational aspect of our approach is a dual-track focus on Mindfulness Practices in the service of Leadership Practices. Mindfulness practices provide a sort of 'defragging" of the mind. They act as a 'mental gym' for leaders to build new and expanded capacities, essentially upgrading the human operating system, the mind. The end result is upgraded mind capabilities, better performance, and more effective leadership for a better world. 


We take a pragmatic approach to development, based on cause and effect. By improving just a few mental skills via meditation and mindfulness, leaders can potentially improve twice as many skills that drive leadership. Research on mindfulness and meditation since the 1970s (over 7,000 studies to date) provides evidence of this claim. If you find this intriguing or are skeptical but curious, please see the Leadership powered by Mindfulness page, or contact Dr. Steve in Los Angeles, CA at stephen@upgradingleaders.com

21st-Century Leadership Framework 
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